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1.Be familiar with one or several games, for example, runescape, maplestory, wow.
2.Native English speakers can ignore condition 1.


1.8000-15000RMB per month, if outstanding performance, offer high bonus.
2. Board and lodging provided free.
3. Safety and medical insurance by the local government.
4.if you play game , we will offer the free golds. –way trip flight ticket(economic class) provided.

Job Description:

1. Dealing with some disputes about the orders by telephone and maintain the customer relations.
2. Some language training aperiodically for some staff.
3. Assistance and reception of foreign guests Any person who is interested in this position, please email the resume to us,or contact us through the method below:

Contact us:

Skype: edeneternalforyou
Live chat: Live chat