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World of Warcraft 12 season Arena


    The 12th season of Arena and Rated Battlegrounds will end on Tuesday, March 5. On that day, we will decide who qualifies for the reward of the end of the season, this process takes about one week. Feel qualify for the the Arena title or vicious Gladiator cloud Xianglong the players not to serve or turn the camp before the end of the 12th season. Season 12 title and mount rewards will be sent out about two weeks after the end of the season.

    After the end of the season, Conquest Points will be converted into Honor Points Honor Points will be the maximum of more than 4000 points per point 35 silver ratio transformed into gold. The honor points up to 4000 points.

    The end of the season, all 12 items of the season will use the honor points to buy (price and the price of the previous Conquest Point), the level required items excluded. These items are no longer open to buy.

    The next Arena and Rated Battlegrounds season will begin approximately one week after the end of the current season. Rated Battlegrounds and Arena will be closed during the rest of the two seasons. Team level and individual level will be reset at the beginning of the 13th season.

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