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The tribal Raytheon Island task


    World of Warcraft 5.2 tribal Sunreaver Onslaught the prestigious open the task flow.

    5.2 tribal new prestige Sunreaver Onslaught the prestigious open the task is tribal Raytheon Island starting task.

    The entire process is based on open prestigious presented in the form of a single scene battle for the players.

    The first step: the players on the line will be receiving the task requires the player to meet radiator guard amyl mantis plateau Camp Blood Elf Ranger, dialogue Blood Elf Ranger will lead the players to go the the Raytheon Island peripheral sin'dorei warships and Los The Surma convergence.

    Step Two: After the conversation, the player will receive two tasks, one of which is the confluence wish riding Lan with the the School head Yingzong been lurking into the island with other master. Another task is to open the the Sunreaver Onslaught prestigious task. The dialogue with Lor'themar, will line up to the Battle of single scene.

    Every single scene Battle will give players 25 the personal courage Points oh. And only after receiving the task can Lor'themar there into the single scene campaign.

    The third step: the completion of the first single scenes campaign missions you will find out that you have sent to the the Raytheon island tribe camps, but the day-to-day what can not accept, and also need to continue to complete the two single-scenes campaign.

    Accept the task, will start second single scene Battle in find Lor'themar dialogue, which can see a small animation of the lightning king.

    The fourth step: After the completion of the second task again with Lor'themar dialogue will begin the last task.

    Well, on this you have completed all three scenes campaign the Sunreaver Onslaught prestige open process has been completed.

    After that, it will enter the Thor Island the unlock phase of the second stage, where you can choose PVE the route and PVP route.

    PVE or PVP option is to take every day open daily will make you a different way, a reward is not the same, given the prestige of the PVE route will be more than the PVP route, but the PVP route will reward Conquest Points as well as honors points.

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