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The origin of the leishen in world of warcraft


    Panda Leah is a history of the continent is full of tragic and inspiring. Residents on the mainland was able to overcome a difficult ordeal to master their own destiny. Panda Elijah turned out in Azeroth before all the time, around the corner of the the magic ancient family survived, and want to display their new plan. They intended to regain the right to rule the entire continent, and destroy all the invaders and dare to usurp their rights.

    In the upcoming patch an Panda Elijah residents of long-forgotten forces will rise again. The once mighty magic ancient tribe leaders - Raytheon and his Zandalar partisan collusion with trying to re-Panda Elijah firmly in their own hands. To save the Panda Leah's mission will once again fall into the body of the hero from the Alliance and the Horde, only they can prevent the resurrection of the tyrant and his henchmen are evil plan.

    Initially set foot on the Panda Elijah so far, we have traveled a long journey. We recognize that a strong and resourceful Panda people, made friends with apes and Kam fish, experienced the threat from the mantis demon, wake up buried in the earth under the evil magic. However, these are not as we are about to face serious challenges. Immediately once the conflict at a time will test us, which inevitably will be the face of the the magic ancient tribe, and they had or the future emperor - leishen.

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