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The Warcraft players inventory MOP could become the savior of the NPC


    Black Dragon Prince Aoraki

    Unlike the vast majority of orders Black Dragon Deathwing As Deathwing offspring is speaking out against his father, even patricide intent. Willing to the greenwood hermit was concerned about the future of Azeroth, and a group of slain follow theory on their own strength and not to reckon.

    Second, humans of Andy Wong degrees due to

    Anduin Crusoe, "the hero, as the Prince there is a foot of the heart of men, willing to live on wilderness self-taught, once The Return of the King of Stormwind. CTM investigate storm the city Twilight Cultist great success and fame. When safety has the guts to show an age consistent and carefully. Today the Anduin Prince has non twenties years, Chula generous, a remarkable hero.

    Third, the Saar

    Yes, my salvation Sa is back. Before open MOP has long been rumored that the small roar ultimately will be deemed to be denied time bomb and BL Saar exactly leave the tribe, but does not fit tribal chiefs, "good" is that the Saar interests of the whole, good at checks and balances. Xiaobian feel small roar also must say he is also a good chiefs, at least a good soldier for soldiers, tribal, non-wins that dead faith inspired us. The tribal another threat: Jaina. . . Saar has set another way to tame her, whistling. Quell tribal war, will quell the many disputes in the world.


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