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Li Li Is Travel Journal Concludes in World of Warcraft


      Li Li's Travel Journal has just updated with the ultimate installment of Li Li's journeys throughout the wilds of Pandaria. Li Li has finally created it to the Dread Wastes, in search of her Uncle Chen. However there's nothing pleasant to be found within the home of the mantis. Can Li Li notice Chen, or become just another casualty within the Dread Wastes?

      the ultimate chapter wraps up Li Li's journey, however it additionally explains what the young Stormstout is up to currently. Obviously there ar reunions to be had, not just with Chen, however with the rest of the Stormstout kin holed up at the Sunset Brewgarden. And there's mention of a very touching quest chain within the Dread Wastes, as well.

      All in all, this was a pleasant very little series that served as a pretty sensible summary of what to expect in Pandaria. It did not have the emotional weight of a number of the leader short stories from last enlargement, however honestly, it absolutely was a refreshing change. I do hope we'll see a lot of short fiction from Blizzard as the enlargement continues, however.

      as with the chapters before, if you wish the chapter's illustration of Li Li warily spying on the mantis, Blizzard has created it accessible as a wallpaper, free for transfer. Don't miss the latest charming installment of the tale -- you'll catch chapter 8, still as all previous installments of the story, within the swollen Universe section of the official web site.