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Diablo 3 will increase the equipment in the future


    Every day looking at all the equipment modeling make you will feel tired? Good news, Blizzard designers have indicated that they plan to increase equipment "metamorphosis" function in the future to Diablo 3.

    What metamorphosed function?

    This is a very attractive feature in World of Warcraft, you can put your body the shape of an equipment transformed through the NPC as the appearance of the items you want to get. This conversion is generally required to comply with some translation principles, such as the corresponding parts and equipment type (Plate / Cloth Diablo 3, so this limitation does not exist), and limited site selection, such as jewelry, and other. The metamorphosis of the process can be repeated and reversed example you the appearance of a shoulder, turned, you can continue the metamorphosis of another shape or restore the original appearance.

    Figure World of Warcraft above example, the left and the metamorphosis of the interface, the right is the current role, my metamorphosis goals shoulders (note that part of the left shoulder rotation aperture), you can see that I tried to the views of ordinary blue-quality shoulder, turned to T3 The shape of the shoulders.

    This feature is clearly popular, especially for shape control, but also have some problems, slowly the characters in the game will gradually shape a unified, personalized metamorphosis, the game will lose colorful equipment style. Example Avision may be many people early metamorphosis choose, of course, there Horadrim Hamburg.

    Concrete results and form but also the future when the function introduced, which, the metamorphosis of the requirements and costs, etc. For example, the metamorphosis of the site selection and restrictions.

    Players: Blizzard has given us a transparent dye, it can get rid of any appearance of the equipment that we do not see, but if I really like a low-grade equipment modeling how to do? Perhaps you can add some kind of dye, so that the coating The appearance of the parts become like the other equipment you choose. This is just one of my ideas, I think this would be cool!

    Travis Day (game designer)

    I agree, the custom visual styling has extraordinary significance, people always look more like their own role personality, sometimes every day looking at the same styling does fatigued. In fact, we very much agree with your point of view, and plans to add this feature in the future.

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