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Bucket division skills


    Adventure Island "sea change" in the background of the story, the representative of the evil dark magician disappeared many years later by his fanatical minions resurrection, his resurrection has been brought to its knees the forces of evil to rise again in the erosion of the evil creatures under the entire Adventure Island is shrouded in darkness, pervasive atmosphere of terror and let the original Adventure Island vibrant fall into the boundless silence.

    Adventure Island in order to save the already desperate, countless hero assembled together to form the "rebels" against the dark magician. Zhezhi rebels into the army, a group of the whole body is full of vindictive magician particularly noticeable but melee. Almost all outsiders the impression magician using remote spell occupational, group magician hesitate to put their lives at risk to fight at close quarters attack the enemy really is a magician in the heterogeneous.

    Group of different people have a common identity, that is, "call spirit Bucket division! The call spirit Doo division is one of the" big changes "Adventure Island" rebels "launched a new career in a gorgeous nearly body attack and Reiki skills featuring combat magician.

    The call spirit Bucket division battle magician featuring a gorgeous melee attacks and Reiki skills. Wake Ling Bucket division features that use magic melee attack, multi-stage impact skills can make a call on the Spirit Bucket division attack each other several times in a short period of time, the high frequency of attacks with decent attack speed, is evil forces appalled Henjiao Se!

    Even more commendable is the call spirit Bucket division can be released from his own body has the mysterious power of Reiki, activate a different aura can bring different attributes of an additive effect to call spirit Bucket division their teammates. When the the call spirit Bucket division release black vindictive when their ability to attack with teammates surged yellow grudge can increase the movement speed and attack speed, and can even reach the damage absorbed Once the most domineering Blue vindictive released effect! With figures enhance the level of each of vindictiveness will also receive additional capabilities, enabling dodge rate, the improvement of the status abnormal resistance and other attributes.

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